State of the 2020 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the instructions of the relevant authorities, Euroleague Basketball has been forced to cancel the 2020 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four Cologne.

All ticket holders for the event have been given a full price refund for all tickets that have been purchased through the official ticketing platforms.

We recommend you follow the latest developments of our competitions on our official website,, and or social media official channels.

Fine Dining + Great Basketball = Pure Joy

The Backstage Restaurant is a private restaurant with indoor seating and buffet style cuisine, however it comes with a twist. While you're sitting down at a table enjoying your meal, you can also watch the Final Four games live!

If you like, you can watch the games directly from the restaurant or go to your seats which are just in front of it and revel in the unique atmosphere of the Final Four!

Click the button below to buy tickets now or contact [email protected] for any further questions!

All Backstage Restaurant tickets come included with all the benefits listed below. Tickets grant access to all games of the Final Four (both Semifinals on Friday, May 22nd and the 3rd Place Game + Championship Game on Sunday, May 24):

Backstage Restaurant

775 + 2.5% service fee per ticket

Private restaurant with views on the court and seats right in front of it!

All food and beverage in the restaurant included in this price!

International Buffet & Open Bar

During both game days, the Restaurant is open and you an enjoy a hot meal or some snacks from a range of international cousines. Enjoy the open bar before, during and after the Final Four games

All Around 5 Star Service

Exclusive access to a private indoor Restaurant during both days of the Final Four. Catch live acts preform during the Final Four and enojy the vibe of the Final Four!

Private Atmosphere

No hassle from other fans. Just you ,your family or friends enjoying a nice meal while watching the best basketball on the continent!

The Backstage Restaurant is located on two levels (400 and 500), and shares the same floor as the VIP Suites!

There are seats in front of each level of the restaurant and the offer of food and beverage on both levels is the same!

All sections of seating (401, 441, 501 and 541) have access to the restaurant behind them and have excellent views on the court!