With well over five billion combined audio and video streams, over 150 gold and platinum awards and over six million monthly listeners, Alvaro Soler is a Spanish-German singer, one of the most successful Latin pop stars in Europe today.

His signature sound –somewhere between passionate emotionality and instantly gripping pop with Latin genre influences –inspires a global audience between Buenos Aires and Berlin, Stockholm and São Paulo.

Not only writing and singing all the songs himself, but also playing various instruments and co-produces every track, Alvaro presents a new version and modern interpretation of Latin pop.

Soler has released three studio albums, Eternoagostoin 2015, Mar de coloresin 2018, and Magiain 2021. His single "La cintura" taken from his second album has become a pan-European hit for him.


Cover band led by the singer Serena Bagozzi (BAGS) and other three elements: Daniele Lulli (guitar), Michele Di Carlantonio (bass) and Massimiliano Chiapperi (drums).

The name Mr. BAGS is in honor of the male aspects of each person and of that androgyne element that pushes women to face life alone and gives them strength.

The other elements of the band are some of the most representative musicians in the Italian background, as well as composers and arrangers.